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Radiesse vs Juvederm: Radiesse is unlike any other filler on the market because it has a calcium base. Along with filling wrinkles, fine lines, and deep folds it also stimulates collagen growth which sets Radiesse apart from other fillers such as Juvederm. Radiesse can also be used for facial augmentations and rhinoplasty. The similarities between Radiesse and Juvederm are that they both last a year, although Radiesse can last longer than that. They are both non-invasive treatments and results can be seen immediately after the injection process. Dermfx performs more Radiesse treatments than any other medspa or clinic in Orange County. Dermfx is also a Black Diamond level provider for Juvederm and Botox treatments.

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Thirteen years ago DermFx set out to offer state-of-the-art beauty treatments that were affordable to everyone. Our competitive pricing, and our uncompromising care of patients remains paramount to our mission. We take great pride in 2014 as we realize our mission has come to fruition. We find ourselves number one in practically every category in the industry. DermFx being one of the oldest, best and most comprehensive aesthetic clinic, is a great start for anyone looking to accent their beauty. Experience, is key. Rest assured we are among the first of the “medispa era” and have treated tens of thousands of patients, from all walks of life. We house over 26 state of the art light/laser based systems, the most extensive in California.

Consultations are always free. We are open 7 days a week. We are never undersold! We will strive to surpass your every expectation. We are here to help you capture your best look. An integral part of our approach is our commitment to an education that will make your experience a collaborate effort in fulfilling your beauty needs. Come join our family.